Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spoiled much?

NOTE: placemat, Texas Tech Glass, and sparkling bottled water.
Only for Samantha~

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Nancy said...

Oh how funny! What a beauty!

Thanks for sharing,

Gabby said...

Kay, well hello there! I absolutely adore your dogs. How cute!
There is just something about a dachshund. I had a long haired, red growing up, too. Her name was Tinie, but she honestly tipped the scales at about 25 pounds. She was responsible for eating all the food under our table when my parents used to say, "no dessert unless you clean your plate". Bless her!
I also think that may just be the sweetest looking baby face I have ever seen! Precious when they are that small and fragile!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours! Gabby

Gabby said...

Hey there again, I am gonna try to keep you posted on the study. SO far it has been very therapeutic to start the day on my face before God. I need it! It made me vacuum today, man that is close to the floor, you see a lot down there on your face! Thank you for your comments. Our Libby (weenie dog) is sick. She got a hold of some bones at Fourth feast with my parents, and she has been "decorating" the house since then. She has never done this before, and I feel so sorry for her. She is 10 1/2, and I worry about her age. Anyway, just wanted to check in!

Lynn said...

Hi Kay,

Girl, love you site here. and.... the puppies. I love 'em.

I will be back soon. How long have you been blogging???

Sending you a hug!!!

BTW, love the texas mug. You are too cute!