Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Halfway there and yet in between

Well hello there!

You know they say..."Many roads are paved with good intentions". Yep. This blog is proof of that.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yea! Many of you know I don't like big to do's about my birthday. However as I get older, I am realizing the importance of that day more and more. Just wanted to share some thoughts.

Frist---Where would I be without my hope for the future and the security of my salvation. I can remember it like it was yesterda---the day I knew Jesus came to live in my heart. Mine wasn't the case of turning from a life of grievous, heinous sins, but rather trusting God with a child like faith. After all, how bad a sinner can one really be at age six. And yes before you comment, I do know that we are all born sinners. I was six when I asked Jesus in my heart. I am thankful for my physical birthday and even more thankful for my spiritual one!

Second---Where would I be without my parents? Well, obviously..not here. 9 lbs 11 oz is no joke for your first kid. The C-section option was not an option. Poor mom! It is a wonder that my brother ever came along after that. I laugh every time I think of my dad just calmly reading a book in the waiting room of the hospital in Buffalo, Texas. Most likely it was a Louis L'Amour. My mother probably didn't think it was funny! And really...who could have blamed her! Both my parents have been great encouragers and supporters. I am grateful for them and for the gift of life they gave me. And for the first name that was created JUST FOR ME!

I wanted to show you a picture of me at age 6 weeks---told you I was fat! It is not a great picture, but I think you can still detect the multiple chins!

The second one is one of my favorites! Check out the shag carpet my arms are resting on.
Aren't old photos fun!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow is best

This precious lady came into my life in the summer of 1999. She was part of the family that I would soon marry into. A family of a Canadian, a native Texan and a multitude of relatives. In June 2000 she became my mother-in-law.

Her personality reminded of the color yellow--vibrant, sunny, and full of energy. AND her favorite color was yellow--suited her well.

Two years ago to this very month, she was diagnosed with an awful disease--cancer. We were told at that time she would only last about 4 months. However, who are we to tell God when he can call one of his servants home to meet him. He had a greater plan. A greater plan in place that allowed my husband to really get to spend some quality time with his Mom. He created memories that I know will last forever and he will not soon forget. She loved her boys, her Bobby, her grandsons, her friends, and her family with a spirit that showed through every day.

This past month has been a trying one for sure. But during that time, Stewart went every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some weekends and sat with his Mom while his Dad was at work. What I love the best is that they watched Wheel of Fortune during that biweekly basis. He had the most patient, loving disposition during those times with his mom.

Pat and I both share a huge love for Jesus. We would often talk about Beth Moore and even had an opportunity to do one of her studies together. All across her home you would see yellow sticky notes with Bible references that brought her comfort during this time of suffering. Just last week, we were talking about God's tabernacle and reading a Karen Kingsbury book together.

I am assured to this very day that she is in heaven and out of pain. So while I know she will be greatly missed here on Earth, I am confident she is having a wonderful time in heaven. We are told in John 3 :16 that we are loved so deeply, so unconditionally, that God gave his son for us that we might be assured of a life beyond this earth. A life full of joy--not sorrow and pain. A life spent worshiping our creator.

Pat finished her earthly race today. Well done thy good and faithful servant.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cave Dweller

I live in a cave.

Yes. I live in a cave (or at least it feels like a cave). My house was built in the mid-70's. It has very few windows, dark oak paneling (the fancier kind of the 70's--wanting to paint it-but that in itself is another post), and very little overhead lighting.

It seems to me that people of that decade were into bell bottom pants (even wore those myself), teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony, crazy fringe on their clothes, and exploring their emotions. I guess the houses built at that time were meant to be secret dark dwellings.

All of this darkness in my home started me thinking about light vs. darkness. This world seems to be growing darker and darker, day by day, and even minute by minute. The news is depressing. The issues of teenagers are way over the top most days. And people in general seem to be more unhappier than ever before. Families that were once functional have now moved on over to the nonfunctioning side. Maybe as I am getting older, I am seeing more and more of these things. Or maybe we are truly nearing the end of our years on this earth.

Whatever the reason or reasons, I know one thing to be true. God has called me to be the salt and the light in this dark world. Just like in my home, I crave natural light. I dream of a bank of windows where the sun shines in. I want people of this world to be able to see Jesus as the Light of this world. I want the SON to shine on their lives.

John 12:46 tells us "I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness".

So....what kind of light are you displaying for the world to see? Does it keep people in the dark? Is it a bright light? Or is it only the strength of a night light where people still stumble around? More importantly...are you gonna let it shine?

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Let it shine til Jesus comes.
I'm gonna let it shine.
Let it shine til Jesus comes.
I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

To see or not to see....

Unfortunately,I am in that "magic" decade where everything physically seems to be turning south...weight, skin, and any other thing you can think of. One of those things just recently is my eyesight. Now I have never had the eagle eye, but I have not been blind either. I have had glasses for several years ( weak by most standards), but none the less--glasses.

Just recently I had to go see the eye doctor to get another pair for two basic reasons. The first being I lost my stinkin' glasses and could not find them anywhere. I searched high and low and up and down and every which way in between. Still no glasses. The second reason is I felt my eye sight slipping away (just like my youth)but was too proud to really admit it.

Much to my surprise my doctor said to me, "Welcome to adulthood. You need bifocals". Huh? Me? I need bifocals? Really?

So I set out on the journey to find the cutest pair of frames ever created. If I was going to venture into the world of "adult" glasses--darn if they weren't going to be cute!

So...I bought myself some cute bifocal glasses.

This whole concept of bifocals got me thinking about focus and the act of focusing itself. You see to really use these bifocals properly, I was told to point my nose at what I wanted to see and the object would come into focus. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly.

This reminds me of how often I lose sight of the things of eternity and begin focusing on the things of earth. Sometimes my focus is downright blurry. The circumstances of life can cause my vision to be totally out of whack--unfocused. Other times, it is merely blurry around the edges. Maybe one eye is on this earth, while one is on eternity.

Now everytime I see these glasses, it reminds me of my purpose here in life. What have I done lately to further the Kingdom of God? How often in the past week have I lost my purpose.

Incidentally, I found my glasses--under the bed where I keep my dust bunnies. One of my dogs thought he needed to focus better. The lenses were covered with dog licks, and the ear piece was chewed off.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stamp Camp

It is always fun when I get the time ( or make myself take the time) to do something creative. One of the things I really enjoy is makikng cards and scrapbook pages. Here are three that I have recently completed.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008