Friday, February 19, 2010

To see or not to see....

Unfortunately,I am in that "magic" decade where everything physically seems to be turning south...weight, skin, and any other thing you can think of. One of those things just recently is my eyesight. Now I have never had the eagle eye, but I have not been blind either. I have had glasses for several years ( weak by most standards), but none the less--glasses.

Just recently I had to go see the eye doctor to get another pair for two basic reasons. The first being I lost my stinkin' glasses and could not find them anywhere. I searched high and low and up and down and every which way in between. Still no glasses. The second reason is I felt my eye sight slipping away (just like my youth)but was too proud to really admit it.

Much to my surprise my doctor said to me, "Welcome to adulthood. You need bifocals". Huh? Me? I need bifocals? Really?

So I set out on the journey to find the cutest pair of frames ever created. If I was going to venture into the world of "adult" glasses--darn if they weren't going to be cute!

So...I bought myself some cute bifocal glasses.

This whole concept of bifocals got me thinking about focus and the act of focusing itself. You see to really use these bifocals properly, I was told to point my nose at what I wanted to see and the object would come into focus. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly.

This reminds me of how often I lose sight of the things of eternity and begin focusing on the things of earth. Sometimes my focus is downright blurry. The circumstances of life can cause my vision to be totally out of whack--unfocused. Other times, it is merely blurry around the edges. Maybe one eye is on this earth, while one is on eternity.

Now everytime I see these glasses, it reminds me of my purpose here in life. What have I done lately to further the Kingdom of God? How often in the past week have I lost my purpose.

Incidentally, I found my glasses--under the bed where I keep my dust bunnies. One of my dogs thought he needed to focus better. The lenses were covered with dog licks, and the ear piece was chewed off.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! Good lesson Kay :)