Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow is best

This precious lady came into my life in the summer of 1999. She was part of the family that I would soon marry into. A family of a Canadian, a native Texan and a multitude of relatives. In June 2000 she became my mother-in-law.

Her personality reminded of the color yellow--vibrant, sunny, and full of energy. AND her favorite color was yellow--suited her well.

Two years ago to this very month, she was diagnosed with an awful disease--cancer. We were told at that time she would only last about 4 months. However, who are we to tell God when he can call one of his servants home to meet him. He had a greater plan. A greater plan in place that allowed my husband to really get to spend some quality time with his Mom. He created memories that I know will last forever and he will not soon forget. She loved her boys, her Bobby, her grandsons, her friends, and her family with a spirit that showed through every day.

This past month has been a trying one for sure. But during that time, Stewart went every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some weekends and sat with his Mom while his Dad was at work. What I love the best is that they watched Wheel of Fortune during that biweekly basis. He had the most patient, loving disposition during those times with his mom.

Pat and I both share a huge love for Jesus. We would often talk about Beth Moore and even had an opportunity to do one of her studies together. All across her home you would see yellow sticky notes with Bible references that brought her comfort during this time of suffering. Just last week, we were talking about God's tabernacle and reading a Karen Kingsbury book together.

I am assured to this very day that she is in heaven and out of pain. So while I know she will be greatly missed here on Earth, I am confident she is having a wonderful time in heaven. We are told in John 3 :16 that we are loved so deeply, so unconditionally, that God gave his son for us that we might be assured of a life beyond this earth. A life full of joy--not sorrow and pain. A life spent worshiping our creator.

Pat finished her earthly race today. Well done thy good and faithful servant.

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Lysa said...

Hope Pat says Hi to my Mom for me! Oh the joy she is experiencing right now to get to see the Face of Jesus!!!

Chrys and Mike said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Praying for your precious family and rejoicing that she's in the arms of our Lord.